Vertical Jump Affiliate program

Lets get started!

Here The FIRST exercise that will get you jumping higher in 8 weeks

here is an exercise that will get you jumping higher in 8 weeks, If you want to Learn how to jump higher in volleyball.
This Exercise is for you its called the NO Arms hop. OK Lets get down to it
  • place hands on the back of your head
  • while jumping lift your leg upwards
  • your knees should touch your chest while your jumping , then let your legs down when you touch the ground
Do 1 SET of 10 REPS. DO this exercise twice a week with resting peroids between each day you exercised.

Your on the right track my friend :) just do this exercise and you will see a difference in a few weeks, those little things you do will make the difference in a few weeks.
Vertical Jump Affiliate program

Here is the SECOND exercise that will increase you jump 8 weeks!

If you want to jump higher in volleyball then the ankle hop is a great start, it doesn't take much but very effective. Here goes
  • leave your hands on your sides while you jump upwards
  • consciously, use only your calf muscles
The no arm hop should be done twice a week, with resting days in between each day performed do 1 SET for each 10 REPS.

Great now you have exercises just start doing it, its simple yet its explosive. When you see result in a few weeks you will thank me :)
Vertical Jump Affiliate program